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Sylvana Cloak Pin

Sylvana Cloak Pin

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Fibulae were used to close coats and robes as early as the Bronze Age. They were in use until the high Middle Ages before they were eventually replaced by buttons and buttonholes. Fibulae have often been richly decorated as jewelry or status symbols.

Our brooch "Sylvana" is based on such a brooch. Like all of our steel and ironware forged by hand, it is decorated with two artistically designed leaves. The ring is completely twisted, so twisted. After the forging, the brooch was only slightly sanded to give it a light wrought-iron character.
Except for our Bjorn cape with fur trim, all of our coats can also be worn without a fibula. But if you like it originally, you can remove the button and loop with a few simple steps and carry a primer from our diverse range.

Material: steel
Diameter (outside): 7.5 cm
Weight: 75 g


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