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Shahin Kris
Shahin Kris
Shahin Kris
Shahin Kris
Shahin Kris

Shahin Kris

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“The Kriss has long been a symbol of power in the kingdom of Shakhbila and the Sultan knew it. The one who had usurped the throne from Rahim Nousha, the King of the Desert, needed this symbol to prove his rights to the throne to the people of the kingdom. However, he was unable to find the real dagger of Al-Shakkur so he secretly hired a young and ambitious blacksmith to produce a counterfeit that would save him time but fate tends to do things that seem unbelievable. While traveling to fetch the precious metals necessary to forge the counterfeit the young man fell, by pure chance, on the legendary kriss, buried in the sand of an oasis ... Little did he know that this event was about to change the course of his life.”


The black guard and the curved pommel adds an exotic touch to this already exotic dagger with its sinuous steel-coloured blade. Despite its pointy tip, this kriss is perfectly safe to use in a larp setting and is made from Cali’s tough and unique foam for years of swordplay to come!

This kriss will complement the belt of an assassin as well as that of an exotic merchant, but is also ideal for nobility of an oriental country or other exotic destination.


Weight: 169g
Total Length: 43cm
Blade Length: 29cm
Blade Thickness: 2cm
Blade Colour: Steel
Handle Length: 14cm
Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam



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