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Created for middle-eastern characters in mind, this dagger is perfect for any agile or quick character. Its curved design makes it perfect for pirates and other sailors who get too close for pistols or rapiers. Due to its small size, street thugs and thieves also appreciate this dagger because they can hide it everywhere.

This dagger introduces a new handle to the Calimacil line-up. Curved and bronze in color, it is completed by a steel blade that is also curved. The result is a very dynamic dagger for quick slashing and stabbing. However, due to our unique Calimacil foam, all these battles will be safe and numerous, as the safety and durability of our LARP swords and daggers in unmatched.

Weight: 155g
Total Length: 44cm
Blade Length: 29cm
Blade Thickness: 2cm
Blade colour: Steel
Handle length: 15cm
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam



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