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Ragnar Dirk
Ragnar Dirk
Ragnar Dirk

Ragnar Dirk

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Well-known for his conquests and ruthless assaults made upon England and France, King Ragnar was one of the most well-recognized Vikings of his time. Wise and alert, he managed to add to his people’s ferocity to bring them many victories and thrilling battles, even against enemies hidden behind tall walls or outnumbering them. As a king, Ragnar wore to his side the traditional sword, showing to all his status. He brought it into battle in a clear sign that he would always prevail with this sword in hand. But this could not last forever: The kings’ sword fell into some other hands, new kings were known, but Ragnar was never forgotten.


Upgraded version of the first Ragnar, this LARP blade is not even more realistic. Its higlhy-detailed hilt has a golden and steel finish, and is adorned with delicate engravings. Its black grip has a cord-like wrap to help give the sword a great handling. Its steel blade, sharper than ever, stays very safe and durable thanks to the Calimacil foam. This sword might last as long as the Viking’s era!


Perfectly adapted to norse-inspired characters, this LARP dagger is also a prestige symbol. It is then great for noblemen, rich merchants or swashbucklers who want everyone to know their status. However, those who do not know how to wield this sword could see it be taken by a more bloodthirsty creature, who will appreciate the blade’s sharpness more than its fine looks. 

Total Length: 59cm
Blade Length: 41cm
Blade Thickness: 19mm
Blade colour: Steel
Blade Type: Diamond V8
Handle length: 18cm
Grip length: 10cm
Cross guard width: 9cm
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam



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