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Pendragon Bow

Pendragon Bow

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On October 25, 1415, a large French army Henry V of England at Azincourt to fight. Thousands of French knights fell. Because the English had a terrible weapon: The English Longbow 

Here we offer from the company "Elbenschmiede" the longbow "Pendragon". The bow is laminated with real wood of cherry, nut and ash. The tips on the limbs are reinforced with a horn pad. Rangers, elves or soldiers: this bow can be used for many game ideas. 

With a quiver from our diverse range, the matching finger & arm protection and the low-priced HK-arrow sets, the equipment is complete. 

Material: Wood, Horn 
Chord Length: 179 cm (70 inches) 
Arch Length Relaxed: 193 cm (76 inches)
Extract length: 84 cm (33 inches) 
Strength 29 pounds

Disclaimer:  In this category you will find ranged weapons specially designed for the safe presentation of battles. Bows & crossbows have a reduced shooting power. Arrows & Bolts have foam safety heads with pressure manifolds to prevent injury.



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