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Nalandra - Short
Nalandra - Short
Nalandra - Short
Nalandra - Short
Nalandra - Short

Nalandra - Short

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Dawn was rising on the silver peaks that crowned the continent. The ranger, hidden among the rocks, silently watched a colourful caravan follow the path to the high cities. His sword drawn from his sheath, he distrusted everyone, even pilgrims, passing by. It was his duty to watch the boundaries of the Arantar territory and he would do it with as much devotion as his mentor had done before him; before he leaves him his blade and the coat of responsibility that came with it.


When creating this sword, we wanted to represent the artistic evolution that would have lived a blacksmith living more than two hundred years. We were therefore inspired by two forms of arts considered as a conclusion, namely the ionic architecture of ancient Greece as well as Art Nouveau, movement wanting to represent nature in a simpler expression. Made from the safe foam Calimacil, this sword will give you years of good service thanks to its unprecedented durability.


This sword is a perfect addition to the arsenal of a person seeking an high-fantasy accessory. Designated for Elven warriors, it will also be suitable for divine beings or as a ceremonial weapon.

Weight: 435g
Total Length: 89cm
Blade Length: 56cm
Blade Thickness: 2.5cm
Handle length: 33cm
Material: Calimacil Foam


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