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Musashi Wakizashi (Short)

Musashi Wakizashi (Short)

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The wakizashi is the natural evolution of a historical weapon. Made from Calimacil foam, this weapon introduces a new, thinner blade, but safe and durable as always. This blade is steel-coloured ans has silver accents for a perfect illusion. The white handle is wrapped with black ribbon while the pommel and guard are golden, for a touch of nobility and details.


Historical weapon of the East, the wakizashi is a great addition to any noble warrior or pure follower of the emperor. Normally used as a secondary weapon in two-weapon fighting style, it can nonetheless be used alone when needed, or as a primary weapon for smaller characters such as some mythical creatures of lore. 

Weight (g): 315
Total Length (cm): 82
Blade Length (cm): 55
Blade Thickness (cm): 1.5
Blade colour: Steel
Handle length (cm): 27
Grip length (cm): 21
Crossguard width (cm): 6
Handle colour: Old gold, Gold, Black, White
Material: fibreglass, Calimacil Foam



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