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Musashi Wakizashi II
Musashi Wakizashi II
Musashi Wakizashi II
Musashi Wakizashi II
Musashi Wakizashi II
Musashi Wakizashi II

Musashi Wakizashi II

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Like all the kids in his city, Sashi wanted to become a samurai. Before one of them, his eyes became full of stars and he thought of the encounter for days. Like any other kid, never he would have dared to take to one, so important next to his little person. Like everyone, he dreamt day and night about what he could accomplish later in life. What took him apart from the other boys his age was his iron will. While they played, every moment he had was used for combat training, protocol lessons and martial arts practice. By 15, while they helped their parents in the fields, he was accepted as a pupil of a samurai. He would have the honour of learning from him the ancient arts. Before being a samurai himself, he could not wield the katana; his master’s wakizashi was all he needed.


The wakizashi II is the natural evolution of a historical weapon. Made from Calimacil foam, this weapon introduces a new, thinner blade, but safe and durable as always. This blade is steel-coloured ans has silver accents for a perfect illusion. The white handle is wrapped with black ribbon while the pommel and guard are golden, for a touch of nobility and details.


Historical weapon of the East, the wakizashi is a great addition to any noble warrior or pure follower of the emperor. Normally used as a secondary weapon in two-weapon fighting style, it can nonetheless be used alone when needed, or as a primary weapon for smaller characters such as some mythical creatures of lore. 

Weight: 360g
Total Length: 96cm
Blade Length: 69cm
Blade colour: Silver
Blade Type: Katana Sharp
Handle length: 26cm
Grip length: 19cm
Cross guard width: 6cm
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam


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