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Mina Breastplate
Mina Breastplate
Mina Breastplate
Mina Breastplate

Mina Breastplate

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"Mina" is an armour series for women. Of course, we had to do without historical templates for her. As is well known, the concept of equality was not particularly popular among the armoured warriors of the Middle Ages.

Today, however, we are pleased to offer armour that enables strong women to cut a fine figure on the battlefield.

The bustplate, like the whole "Mina" armour, is very similar to the style of Mytholon's "Balthasar" series. Edge beads decorated with rivets are a recurring element of both armour. This means that parts of these series can be ideally combined with one another.

The cups of the burst plate are approximately "B" in size. For some that sounds very small, but it is not worn like a "bra", but rather best over a gambeson or chain mail. It supports the chest slightly from below, but should not enclose it.

The breastplate is in two parts and is attached to a smaller backplate with straps. This allows the size to be adjusted individually.

Material: 1.2 mm steel
Circumference: min. 69 cm, max. 89 cm
length: 19 cm
width 44 cm
weight: approx. 1040 g
colour: Silver, Dark


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