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Malchus Sabre
Malchus Sabre
Malchus Sabre

Malchus Sabre

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“The crusaders are fanatics … they never know when to quit. We have already won twice against them but they never learn do they?

Once again, they are walking toward the city in their shining suits of armor under the desert’s blistering sun. Once again they want to get a hold of “it” but we won’t let them. We were able to push them back twice already so there is no reason why we won’t be able to do it again. We still have our unique, centuries-old, fighting style which relies on swift foot style, precise striking, and using the terrain to our advantage. We also have a new sword that was commissioned prior to this war to fit our warriors: A long, sharp, single-edged blade with a backbone reminiscent of the “desert sharks” and providing a great intimidation factor when facing the enemy …

Once again I pray the gods to fight by our side and prevent the invaders from getting a hold of our sacred artifact.”


Malchus III is not a variant of Malchus II but rather a redesign. Its, now classic, handle is not black and silver in color and matches the color of its new blade. The new blade’s profile offers a level of realism never attained before with this weapon. Still made with our now famous, patented Calimacil foam, Malchus III will fight by your side for years to come!


Specially aimed toward characters originating from eastern countries or other exotics locales, Malchus III is perfect for warriors with a swift fighting style and rapid movements on the battlefield. It is almost as fierce in the hands of a mercenary who prefers brute force. Finally, Malchus III will fit any exotic characters such as a wizard of a wandering merchant.


Weight: 530g
Total Length: 120cm
Blade Length: 94cm
Blade Thickness: 1.9cm
Blade Colour: Steel
Handle Length: 26cm
Grip Length: 16cm
Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam


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