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Magor Riding Bow

Magor Riding Bow

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Archery on horseback has its origins in the steppes of Asia. The bows for it were shorter than z. B. a longbow to not hit the horse's back when shooting. The recurve bow "Magor" of the company "Elbenschmiede" is based on traditional Hungarian horse bows. It is made of fiberglass; its ends are made of ash wood. The limbs are provided on the front with a leather lacing. 

The bow comes with a practical cotton cover. We offer the "Magor" bow with the maximum recommended pull for Liverpool players of 25 lbs. 

With a quiver from our diverse range, the matching finger & arm protection and the low-priced HK-arrow sets, the equipment is complete.

Attention: The brown tone of the leather may differ from the picture. 

Material: fiberglass, wood, leather 
Chord length: 48.5 "Curved bow 
length: 53.5" 
Relaxed bow length: 58.3 " 
Weight: approx. 550 g

Disclaimer: In this category you will find ranged weapons specially designed for the safe presentation of battles. The  bows & crossbows have a reduced shooting power compared to normal sports equipment.



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