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Magnus Helmet

Magnus Helmet

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The "Magnus" visor helmet is designed along a bascinet from the 14th century and got a little bit of "fantasy" added by us.The long and elaboratly built visor can be detached. This way the helmet can be worn as a barbute as well. The wide slight does barely restrict the vision of the wearer, the punch holes in the face mask allow a free breathing. The visor is fastened to the sides by two large thorns.
The rolling shape and the backwards bent look appear slim and elegant within this helmet.
The padding is made from foam and covered in cotton. The chin strap is made from upper leather and is being closed with a buckle.
The beading along all edges is a little thicker than usually, to avoid bruises on the shoulders of the wearer.
We suggest to wear a padded coif underneath for more comfort and protection of the head.
This helmet looks best, when displayed on a wooden helm stand.


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