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Lena Spaulders
Lena Spaulders

Lena Spaulders

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Our "Lena" armour series was especially designed for warrior princesses and shield maidens alike. We distanced from historical patterns and steped closer to a rather fantastic shape. The outcome was a not only a long awaited womens armour, but also a costume set of in the form of a worthy armour set. Be it an Amazone, a warrior princess or an exalted priestess - all of them are possible by combining the armour with the right clothing pieces...
Only your imagination limits the possibilities. For all you ladies out there: this is the right armour, not only on LARP events.

The "Lena" series spaulders have an elegant curved upper arm part and a great cut on the shoulder piece by having the blade breakers added on top of them. This stable riveted blade breaker does not only add a martial look to the wearer, but makes the wearer a little wider. A well-fortified look is added to the wearer.
All edges and points are beaded for extra protection and comfort for the wearer.

Material: 1.2mm steel
Width: 35cm
Length: 32cm
Weight: app. 2.5kg


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