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Koppany Horse Bow

Koppany Horse Bow

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Mounted archery is a war and hunting art from the Inner Asian steppe areas. It has a long tradition, which is still used today in Hungary, maintained in competitions.

The "Koppany" bow from the house "Elbenschmiede" is based on the Hungarian riding arches and made of fiberglass with real wood ends made of ash. The limbs are provided on the back with a leather lacing. The bow comes with a practical cotton cover. For Liverollenspieler we offer the bow with the recommended tensile force of max. 25 lbs.

With a quiver from our diverse range, the matching finger & arm protection and arrow sets, the equipment is complete.

Attention: The brown tone of the leather may differ from the picture.

Material: wood, fiberglass, leather 
Chord length: 45.1 "Curved bow 
length: 48.3" 
Relaxed bow length: 49.7 " 
Weight: approx. 650 g

Disclaimer: In this category you will find ranged weapons specially designed for the safe presentation of battles. The bows & crossbows have a reduced shooting power compared to normal sports equipment.



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