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Jötunn - Colossal
Jötunn - Colossal
Jötunn - Colossal
Jötunn - Colossal
Jötunn - Colossal

Jötunn - Colossal

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I watch the fog of my breath fade out in the crisp winter air. The deed was done, and I could rest. The glory of a battle well-fought and won, the primal rush of energy only battle could give a warrior such as I. They had been four against my one, but it would take their entire clan to stop but one of Clan Sigur’s mighty berserker! The bite of our steel, backed by our ferocious might was enough to stop this force, and it would be enough to stop any other. With a grunt of effort, I shoulder my mighty greatsword.

Jötunn had served me well on this day, but it was time to head to the home I had protected.


The inspiration behind the Sigur line was a mix of different Viking zoomorphism currents that was to be original and unique, with blade shapes that are historically inspired. This greatsword is the exception. Made to inspire awe on the battlefield, this greatsword is an ode to the romanticized might of the Berserker. Everything about this blade is designed to make one message clear to your opponent: Get out the way.


This executioner sword is a perfect companion to the fearsome and mighty. Be it on the mighty mountain of muscle barbarian, the quiet confident strength of an amazon warrior or in the hands of a fallen knight now bent on revenge, this sword is a symbol of power and prowess!

Weight: 1.2kg
Total Length: 162cm
Blade Length: 120cm
Blade Thickness: 2.2cm
Handle Length: 42cm
Guard Width: 12cm
Grip Length: 29cm
Grip Circumference: 11.5cm
Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam



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