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Highlander III - Colossal
Highlander III - Colossal
Highlander III - Colossal

Highlander III - Colossal

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Great for Scottish characters, this greatsword can be used by anyone wishing to have some extra reach. Be aware, however, that some beasts and monstrosities will use this claymore for its intimidation value as well as its sharp edge.


The Highlander III LARP claymore is a sight to behold. Its steel guard and pommel complete the brown handle, which is slightly studded for a better grip. The two-handed-length, steel-coloured blade has a silver edge for an increased realism. This historical classic is extremely safe due to its unique Calimacil foam material. It will also be durable for years, without special treatment or latex use. This version is made with a flamberg blade of 119cm, for the very great warrior!

Weight: 1060g
Total Length: 175cm
Blade Length: 119cm
Blade Thickness: 3cm
Blade colour: Steel, Brown
Blade Type: Other
Handle length: 57cm
Grip length: 24cm
Cross guard width: 30cm
Material: Fibreglass Core, Calimacil Foam



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