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Gustav Vambrace
Gustav Vambrace
Gustav Vambrace

Gustav Vambrace

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All products from our "Gustav" line are characterized by their simple design and high functionality. It is the cheapest plate armour line in our range and offers you the opportunity to equip yourself inexpensively. In terms of design, it fits in with a wide variety of character concepts and is therefore a versatile companion for many years. You are also well prepared for medieval markets and historical festivals.

The arms are fastened to a buckle inside the shoulders and fixed to the arm with three straps. The length can be individually adjusted to the arm using the shoulder buckle. The simple round breaking disc can be decorated with coat of arms symbols or something similar. The arm armour can also be worn in conjunction with shoulders and collars from our other armaments lines, eg "Markward" or "Balthasar".

Material: 1.2mm steel
Colour: blank or burnished



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