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Georg Breastplate
Georg Breastplate
Georg Breastplate

Georg Breastplate

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The cuirass "Georg" is a special torso armour. Made from 1.2 mm thick steel, it is decorated with curved beads and rivets. A movable attachment made of two segments protects the lower abdomen. The flanks are protected by flexibly connected side elements. Together with the plate collar "Georg", which can be attached to the buckle on the chest, the cuirass forms a very flexible and efficient armour for the upper body. The wide shoulders and the elegant leg pockets of the series complement the cuirass "Georg" optimally and result in armour that guarantees excellent protection with maximum mobility.

Material: 1.2 mm steel

Length: 41 cm
width: 41 cm
circumference: approx. 130 cm
weight 3.5 kg



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