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Galahad Spaulders

Galahad Spaulders

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A pair of huge spaulders, equipped with sword breakers and besagew on each side.
The spaulders are made from multiple parts that are riveted together. This way the wearer will still be able to move his arms freely and is not limited in movement.

The sword breakers on the inside enlarge the entire spaulder from the side view. Use the inner buckle to strap the spaulders to the  Galahad torso armour; additionally there is a buckle-strap for the upper arm.
The besagew cover the armpit, the place with auxilliary arteries - vital parts, so to say. This is the armour part, where you have the possibility to paint your own heraldic colours onto. A small colourful armour piece will loose up the complete blank look of the armour.

Material: 1,2mm steel
Colour: blank
Size: onesize


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