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Flynn Sabre
Flynn Sabre
Flynn Sabre
Flynn Sabre

Flynn Sabre

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Nathaniel Pemberton, ex Admiral of the Victory, one of the most feared ships in the British Royal Navy, knew that stealing the ship, turn all of its crew against the crown and conquer the seven seas to find the Davy Jones' locker, assured him of being hanged high and short, but he was willing to take the risk.

After battling pirates in the Caribbean seas for over 13 years and becoming the most feared officer in the British Royal Navy, Pemberton had finally fallen to greed and set out to sea so he could get his hands on the legendary treasure. coveted by pirates.

After breaking the blade of his admiral's saber in a confrontation with Blackbeard, the blacksmith-turned-admiral had forged a new blade that reminded of a shark fin and in combat, his fierceness and skill in wielding the sword. would, in the near future, earn him the name of the Eagle of the Sea.


This new saber is made from Flynn’s hilt and offers the same level of details: Guard adorned with a golden eagle, a cup to protect the hand and hilt in a faux leather finish for exceptional grip. The guard is rigid enough to protect against blows but flexible enough to be safe in combat.

Our new steel coloured blade offers a unique touch to this already remarkable saber with its realistic blade and back fin.

The realistic blade profile still provides high durability and a level of safety unique to Calimacil foam.


This sword is ideal for a pirate, privateer or naval officer. It will also easily find its place in the hands of a sky pirate in a steampunk setting or in the hand of an agile thief.

The eagle on the hilt makes this sword well suited for nobility as well or on the belt of a wealthy merchant.

Historically, this sword can be a pledge presented in a truce negotiation or a legacy passed from generation to generation within the same family.


Weight: 400g
Total Length: 85cm
Blade Length: 70cm
Blade Thickness: 3cm
Blade Colour: Steel
Handle Length: 15cm
Grip Length: 8cm
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam


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