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Edward Breastplate

Edward Breastplate

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The "Edward" torso armour is based on the typical armor of the high Middle Ages. The segmented breastplate is very flexible. It is dominated by dynamically swung lines. Decorative beads and rivets give the armour a noble but also threatening character. The leg pockets of the Edward series can be hung in straps on the lowest segment of the breastplate. This armour is suitable for depicting paladins and knights as well as mercenaries or adventurers. It can be combined with any shoulder armour from the Mytholon range. The recommended waist circumference is 126 cm (including gambeson) - the armour can be expanded up to a maximum of 144 cm with leather straps on the sides.

The length is 74 cm.
Material: 1.2 mm steel
Length: 74 cm
Size: 126 cm - 144 cm
Weight: 7.8 kg



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