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Valhendyr - Colossal
Valhendyr - Colossal
Valhendyr - Colossal
Valhendyr - Colossal
Valhendyr - Colossal
Valhendyr - Colossal
Valhendyr - Colossal
Valhendyr - Colossal

Valhendyr - Colossal

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Who never heard of the feats of the Moerr Rekkr Raudr d’Odinn, the Glorious Red Warriors of Odin? Everywhere they ventured, their chief, Torfa the Just, inspired respect both by his knowledge and by his actions. Attributing his valiance to Odin, god of victory, Torfa the Just, an outstanding Hilmir*, trained his warriors to the handling of the two-handed sword personally.

Clad in the traditional red tartan of their clan, a fur on their shoulder, and equipped with their two-handed sword, these braves lived for the glory of their name. No fight was declined, whether it was amical or mortal in nature, because it was to the challenger to announce his preference.

The viking sword comes from the universe of Seyrawyn, creation of Martial Grisé and Maryse Pepin. On their lands where many people coexist with druids and dragons, the legend says that Torfa the Just had accepted and won a challenge thrown down by the King of dragons himself. Thus, his fabulous two-handed sword would have been the ultimate price for his bravery.

*Hilmir: Chief


From the fine double grooves to the engraved knotted pattern, this sword showcases Seyrawyn’s latest blade profile in its full two-handed length as well as an insert to make it even longer. Echoing the impressive details of its blade, the hilt’s striking silver traceries crown a deep black leather-like faux-wrap. Completed by an intricate almost-glowing ruby red pommel jewel, this sword is cast in our Calimacil foam to make it a safe LARP weapon of unequaled durability.


This weapon suits many valiant and glorious characters. From the viking inspired warriors, to the undercover king’s heir, this two-handed sword will please all strong and noble fighters for many campaigns to come.


Weight: 1050g
Total Length: 158cm
Blade Length: 94cm
Insert for Extended version: 26cm
Blade Thickness: 2.5cm
Handle length: 38cm
Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam



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