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Calfera's Hammer - Two Handed
Calfera's Hammer - Two Handed
Calfera's Hammer - Two Handed
Calfera's Hammer - Two Handed
Calfera's Hammer - Two Handed
Calfera's Hammer - Two Handed

Calfera's Hammer - Two Handed

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She did everything she could to protect the egg. Risking her own life, she made sure nothing disturbed the precious sleep of the dragon’s heir. She fought terrible warriors, faced nameless horrors, and today she had failed. The egg was cracked. But insted of breaking down, it started to vibrate, producing a soft sound that made her remember why she stared this quest. Curious, she came closer and was surprised to see that her precious warhammer resonated with the egg. Suddenly, in a great flash, the precious object disappeared. Swiftly, she took hold of her trustworthy hammer, ready to fight off this new danger, only to see that the hammer she held was different: its heads were now shaped like dragons. Fused with the warhammer, she knew the egg would be safe, as far as the warrior’s arm remained strong.


Calfera’s hammer is part of the Seyrawyn universe, created by Martial Grisé. Its heads are made of hollow Calimacil foam, which makes them very safe for LARP battles. However, this lighter build do not reduce the hammer's durability. Quite the opposite, this makes, with the leather-encased handle, for a greater handling. Black-coloured, the warhammer is full of details and shadows that give it an unseen realism.


Every warrior can use a hammer like the Calfera’s hammer for his quests. Great symbol of status and presence, the warhammer can be fit for its wielder with an array of colours. Thus, noble paladins on holy quests and dark overlords alike will be able to use the dragon’s powers to their advantage.

Weight (g): 1000
Total Length (cm): 113
Grip length (cm): 28
Head width (cm): 29
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam



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