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Mortimer Breastplate
Mortimer Breastplate

Mortimer Breastplate

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The Mortimer cuirass is a breastplate from the 15th century. It consists of two parts that are flexibly connected. This increases mobility and comfort. The Mortimer consists of cross straps over the back, and a belt. Fit and size can be optimally adjusted.
This cuirass is great for military characters like mercenaries, lansquenets and soldiers. Of course, it can also be worn by knights and adventurers. As always, it depends on the combination with other setup parts and clothing .
We recommend to wear gambeson underneath for more comfort.

Material: steel 18  gauge  (1.27 mm)
length (middle neckline): 54 cm
circumference: 64 cm
length strap: 70 cm



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