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Balthazar Set
Balthazar Set

Balthazar Set

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With the armour series "Balthasar" we have created an armour that not only looks noble and high-quality, but also allows a special mobility in combat. The shoulders and the torso armour consist of many flexible connected exercises and segments. So this armour offers a comfortable fit, which is otherwise found only in custom-made. 
The armour is hung in a few simple steps in the shoulder armour and consist of six segments, which are just as flexibly connected. 
Typical for the "Balthasar" series are the curved lines, which are also found in the leg armour. These are simply hung on a belt with a sturdy strap.
Like all the armour parts of the series decorated with carefully crafted round head rivets, the leg pieces are worn separately and are not connected to the leg armour. This considerably increases the wearing comfort while running. 
This set is a high-quality basis for a handsome knight costume, but also for many other costume ideas, which are not only a stately appearance but also efficiency on the battlefield. 

We recommend wearing a gambeson under the armour and adding a chainmail to the set. 

The set contains: 
- Balthasar leg splints blank 
- Balthasar shoulders large blank 
- Balthasar armour blank 
- Balthasar armour blank 
- Balthasar torso blank 

Material: 1.2 mm steel
Colour: Blank 

measurements of the torso Armour: 
Chest: about 115 cm to about 130 cm 
length: 72 cm 
neck: 21 cm 
weight of the breastplate: ca. 4.2 kg 
weight of the carapace: ca. 4.4 kg 

Dimensions of shoulders: 
Length: 27 cm 
Width: 49 cm 
Weight (pair): approx. 3.4 kg 

Dimensions of the armour: 
Length: 50 cm 
Circumference on the wrist: 25 cm 
Width at the shoulder suspension: 25 cm 
Weight (pair): approx. 3.8 kg 

Dimensions of the leg armour: 
Length: 57 cm 
Width of the lower leg segment: 26 cm 
Width of the thigh segment: 34 cm 
Weight (pair): approx. 4.7 kg 

Dimensions of the greaves: 
Length: 35 cm
Width: 23 cm 
Weight (pair): approx. 1.5 kg


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