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Balthasar Breastplate
Balthasar Breastplate

Balthasar Breastplate

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The torso armour of the "Balthasar" series consists of a breastplate and a backplate, which are connected to each other with two roller buckles on the sides and on the shoulders. This allows the size to be individually adjusted.
The breastplate consists of seven segments that are flexibly riveted together. The flexible segments under the arms increase the wearer's agility considerably.
The elaborately shaped back is riveted firmly and stably, whereby the lower two segments are movable like the breastplate to allow the torso to bend.
Suitable shoulders, such as the "Balthasar shoulders, large, bare", can be attached directly to the torso armor. Of course, all of our shoulder pads are compatible with this suspension.
Sweeping elaborated segments and contrasting edges give this armor a lot of structure and a noble character.
Like all armor parts of the "Balthasar" series, the torso armor is also decorated with carefully processed round head rivets.

We generally recommend wearing a gambeson under plate armour ; This significantly improves comfort and protection.

Material: 1.2 mm steel
Chest circumference: approx. 115 cm to approx. 130 cm
Length: 72 cm
Neck: 21 cm
Weight of the breastplate: approx 4.2 kg
Weight of the backplate: approx 4.4 kg
Color: Dark


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