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Alesia II - Long
Alesia II - Long
Alesia II - Long
Alesia II - Long
Alesia II - Long

Alesia II - Long

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Vercingétorix trusted companion until the very end, it sealed his fate through the surrender. It is said that Caesar took it from the weapon dropped by the Gaul chieftain, and always kept it close to grant him luck on his future conquests. After stunning victories and glory achieved for all eternity, Alésia abandoned its new master. We know what happened with Caesar, murdered… And you? What heroic or baneful destiny does Alésia keeps for you?


The pommel and crossguard of this short sword are both painted gold and black for a brand new take on a classic sword. The grip section is black and covered by a leather looking tread of red . Finally, the steel Broadsword blade brings the perfect combination of realism and safety.


The wide guard of this short LARP weapon makes it perfect for two-weapon fighting, or simply for emergency situations. It's sober style, leaning more on the historical aspect than the fantasy, makes it a safe and styled choice for just about any character.


Weight: 410g
Total Length: 89cm
Blade Length: 70cm
Blade Thickness: 2cm
Blade Colour: Steel
Blade Type: Broadsword
Handle Length: 18.5cm
Grip Length: 10.5cm
Cross Guard width: 15cm
Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam



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