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Beeswax Block - 450g
Beeswax Block - 450g

Beeswax Block - 450g

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Made from raw, 100% Pure Organic Beeswax.

Perfect for making homemade candles, balms, ointments and polishing solutions.

All of our wax products are made from locally sourced apiary farms in the Central Goldfields Region of Victoria.

Proceeds from this product go to support small local businesses and bee keepers.

Larger quantities are available. In order to let us help you save money on postage and fees, please contact us either through EBay or Facebook for pricing and shipping estimates.

We will do our best to organise bulk postage on your behalf and will offer a refund for any over payments, however refund transaction fees may apply without prior contact.

Also please note:
(Some wax blocks may have a slightly darker coloured layer over the surface. As this is a natural, unrefined product, some minor impurities will have settled during the casting process.)



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