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Arthur Gambeson
Arthur Gambeson
Arthur Gambeson

Arthur Gambeson

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The parts of the "Arthur" gambesonseries are stiched in diamond-shape.This allows a good mobility without reducing the protection. The vest is closed by four roll buckles on the front. At the armholes and at the bottom hem, it is fogged with brass eyelets on which the sleeves and tassets are fixed.

The collar is finely quilted. This brings more comfort and agility to the neck area. The elbows are additionally upholstered.

The complete set of the ' Arthur ' series with vests, sleeves and tassets is available in black and brown.

"Arthur " is slightly thinner and therefore very comfortable to wear under plate armor. Of course, this fine set of gambeson can also be combined with any chain armor.

Material: Cottoncanvas, Polyester, Suede
Sizes: S-XXL
Colours: Black, Brown



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