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’The blizzard had risen earlier in the day and the icy wind petrified the fur that covered his armour. He was still far from his village, but exaltation replaced his anxiety; this trial was an offering of the gods and he will prove his worth. His scramasax in hand, the engravings on the blade recalling the Last Hunt, he was going to solidify his place in the Great Halls of Sigur. If he ever survives these plains of ice, he will give this dagger to his daughter who, during the next moon, will participate in her first’


Combining once again incredible design with Calimacil's unparalleled experience in the manufacture of foam weapons, this LARP Scramasax is the perfect blend of comfort and realism. Inspired by Vikings and Northern Warriors, the shape of the blade replicates the forged seax of the past while the zoomorphic engravings all along the weapon offer the known originality of Mythic Workshop.

Both as a secondary weapon than as a main weapon, this Scramasax is perfect for all warriors wanting to prove their worth in the face of adversity. From the Northern Conqueror to the Legendary Hunter, everyone will enjoy this balanced and realistic weapon.


Weight: 140g
Total Length: 45cm
Blade Length: 29cm
Blade Thickness: 2cm
Handle length: 16cm
Material: Calimacil Foam



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