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Doran Water Bottle
Doran Water Bottle
Doran Water Bottle

Doran Water Bottle

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The "Doran" water bottle is made of high quality leather. It contains a hygienic PET inlay, which is easy to clean and does not give off any taste to the contents. Not only can water be filled into the bottle, but we do not recommend perishable beverages such as milk. Under no circumstances may hot drinks be filled into the bottle, high temperatures can deform the PET inlay.
The water bottle has a long strap and a wooden stopper.

Material: leather, PET
Filling quantity: 0.5 liters
Length: 23 cm
Width: 11 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg
Colour: black, brown


This article is a medieval prop that is only produced in small numbers. For this reason, an expensive food law certification is uneconomical or would have a massive impact on the sales price.
Therefore we are obliged to the following note: Requisite - not certified or suitable for contact with food.



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